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Cyber Security Pledge

I pledge to be a responsible citizen of India in playing my part for ensuring a safe online environment.
I pledge to be more cyber aware and alert in safeguarding myself, my family and friends against possible cybercrimes or frauds in the digital world, by following secured and hygienic online practices. I pledge to follow ethical, hygienic and secured digital practices at home / office / school / organisation / institute and public places always.

I promise to:
Never publish or share my personal and private details like pictures, full name, date of birth, school address, parents details etc., online openly with everyone.
Never share the financial details like Debit Card/ Credit Card/PIN /OTP with anyone.
Refrain from cyber bullying, posting any inflammatory or derogatory comments or posts.
Always be careful with passwords and never share them with anyone and Keep changing them regularly, using different passwords for different accounts.
Enable security and privacy features on social media accounts and Instant Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram etc.
Never click on suspicious links/ advertisements/ free offers/ free antivirus etc., circulated online.
Only use reliable and authentic sources to download apps, software and files.
Never forward messages and news received online, without proper verification or authentication.
Put a password lock / PIN on my computer and mobile.
Install anti-virus/malware/spyware software and use updated software/OS with required software patches.
Respect copyrights policy and will not indulge in unauthorized use of content and resources available online.
Never use a public/open Wi-Fi network for banking, shopping or other sensitive activities.
Help in spreading awareness of hygienic cyber security practices among friends, family and colleagues.

I join the cyber security bandwagon across the country and commit to being safe online and keeping others safe online.
ISEA urges all the citizens to not only take the pledge but also encourage friends, family and others in community to do the same to make the cyber space safe and secure zone for everyone.