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Upgrade your business marketing By digital advertisement services (Kota Pride) in KOTA Add your business on internet & grow your customers and market area. Let's ask your queries with us,we will provide you valuable asnwers.

smart energic with dynamic feature website

Description: Description: kp logo.jpg Magical Dynamic Featured WEBSITE          

RS/- 15,000 (for 1year )

Attract customers and Grow more attention of competitive markets

Kotapride team Create and develop your magical Website with dynamic FEATURES

We provide following functions in Dynamic website:

  1. Admin panel of (slider and all Menu categories)
  2. You can upload regularly images and Videos on website
  3. You can also add News And Events regularly on website
  4. Free visitor counter on website
  5. Chat board option for users
  6. Testimonials options for users
  7. Domain name for 1year
  8. Hosting for 1 year
  9. Hosting 10 GB For 1 year
  10. 1 year free maintenance of website
  11. Professional E-mail Id’s
  12. Social media links on our pages
  13. 2 Business Mails

We provide extra facilities in Dynamic website:

  1. Create pages of all social media with content & posts.
  2. Help in update with training facility how to use Admin panel.
  3. Create business mails.
  4. Classified listing (Life time).
  5. ISM (internet search marketing) - for one month
  6. OBP (online business profile)


KOTAPRIDE provide extra other services for Digital marketing and social media campaigns:

  1. Fb page campaigning & facebook ads
  2. Instagram ads & Google ads
  3. Bulk sms marketing
  4. Voice call marketing
  5. Youtube ads and video promotional by SEO
  6. Bulk display SMS
  7. Toll free & IVR  number services
  8. Email marketing
  9. Missed call services
  10. Online listing /classified listing (OCM)
  11. ISM (internet search marketing )
  12. Domain and housting provider
  13. Website security tools with SSL lock
  14. Video marketing management strategy
  15. Smart magnatic advertisement strategy
  16.  Customer and stock management software

Our website is very beneficial for all customer. Who want to grow their business in all over India.

Terms and Condition

  • Domain and Hosting provided for 1 year.
  • Renewal charges for next year will be extra.
  • Editing and Update for 1 year is free of cost.
  • Training for operating website is provided by our team is free
  • Password for admin panel provided by us.

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Go Digital - Save Paper - Save Environment

Date of Publish : 29-10-21

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